I am a software engineer
with focus on the web.

My passion for software engineering comes from my love for problem solving. To me, there is nothing like solving an issue and making your code work exactly the way you intend it to. To come up with an idea, plan it, and develop it into an actual, usable application brings me great joy. I never considered myself to be creative. But in programming, I have found it to be an amazing creative outlet.

As of right now, I have worked with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javscript, React, Redux, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Express, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL. I am also constantly looking to pick up new skills.



A calorie tracker, but for dogs. Built on React, Redux, Flask, and SQLAlchemy


Simple Instagram clone. Built on React, Redux, Flask, and SQLAlchemy


Simple Medium clone. Built on Pug, Express, and Sequelize.

Get In Touch

I am always looking for more to learn, and more to collaborate on. You can reach me on Linkedin, or feel free to send me an email! I'd love to connect with you.